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Sabrina Medora, Wellness Editor: In the article Quick Relaxation Tips, we discussed how lavender oil and chamomile tea can be one of many tricks to soothe you in a stressful situation. For a more all-encompassing experience, try this luxury moisturizer from The Body Shop that uses lavender oil and chamomile. A must-have to smell and feel good all day long. (more…)


Yoga vs. Pilates

For the past few years, yoga has been considered the hottest health trend. Thanks to a large number of celebrities promoting the exercise, every health club and gym offers Yoga classes. Even small yoga studios are flourishing. While yoga helps to achieve tranquility and harmony with the body, it does not necessarily help with toning and weight loss. It’s time to put more emphasis on an exercise that helps to make the body look as good as it feels—Pilates. Health and fitness experts have been incorporating the foundations of Pilates for years in their workout regimes. However, most men and women are unaware of the basic differences between the Yoga and Pilates. We’re always looking for new, better ways to tone our bodies. I’m here to say that Pilates encourages us to try something different that produces results.

With winter well under way, everyone’s interested in a fun indoor exercise that keeps the body toned. Pilates can be done from the comforts of one’s home or in a fitness centre or studio. Yoga studios are offering Pilates instruction at reasonable rates. Studios like Core Studio, Body Harmonics Pilates, Loft Pilates Studio, and Imprint Pilates are all within the downtown Toronto area. Try out a free first class during a lunch hour and test how it makes you feel for the rest of the day. Make inquiries at your local gyms and exercise studios to get deals and rates on Pilates classes near you.

Doing Pilates three times a week will produce marked results in your body tone and posture.  It only takes an hour, so what are you waiting for? Try it now!

~Sabrina Medora

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