Essential Items to Keep in Your Purse

By Robin Kiatipis

Every woman knows that she keeps the most unnecessary items in her purse – from movie ticket stubs, to McDonald’s coupons that you will never use, it is all useless. So how come we can’t seem to pack the things we will need? Here is a list of essential items that every woman should keep with her at all times.

Blotting tissues and makeup removing wipes



Editor’s Picks: On the Go

Our favourite products for a busy lifestyle on-the-go!

By: On Top

Ashley Kowalewski, On the Go Editor: I never leave home without my agenda, unless, of course I’m using a mini clutch at a party. Coach is at the top of my list for practical agendas. Check out Get Organized for other options!

Erin Torrance, Beauty Editor: For a quick drink on the run, try Tetley Infusions. Made from real Tetley tea, Infusions contain no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. Simply add one to your bottle of water, shake and enjoy anytime and anywhere. (more…)

In a (B)Rush!

Four alternatives to brushing your teeth at work

By: Erin Torrance

A minty fresh smile can be difficult to maintain on the go, especially during that hectic mad dash at lunchtime or after a snack between meetings. While an old-fashioned toothbrush and toothpaste are the best way to go, they might not always be practical while at work. Here are some alternatives, aside from the go-to breath-freshening gums and mouthwashes, that will leave your mouth feeling clean and your co-workers unharmed by that garlic-infused dish you just ate. (more…)

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