On Top Profile: Michelle Agnelo

By: Ashley Kowalewski

One of the youngest girls at her agency at just 22 years of age, Michelle Agnelo, Public Relations Coordinator at Brill Communications, seems to have a lot going for her. With a BA from the Univeristy of Windsor and a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications from Seneca College, Agnelo has gotten what many girls her age would deem a “dream job.”

Brill Communications is “a boutique PR agency in downtown Toronto that handles accounts for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands,” says Agnelo, who will have been working for Brill for a year as of this spring. She started as a part-time intern and moved her way up, working with some big clients, such as Victoria’s Secret, Danier and Ecco. Agnelo also handles media relations and interviews for Brill’s clients at the various fashions shows that the agency and their clients may be a part of.

So, what brought this Toronto native to this point and where is she going next? Agnelo tells On Top that she “always knew [she] wanted to be in a field that allowed [her] to be creative and where it was never the same day-to-day routine.” Undoubtedly, when you’re running around backstage at World MasterCard Fashion Week, it’s never quite the same experience.

“You really do have to be a jack-of-all-trades in PR,” she says, which is exactly what she is hoping to be by dabbling in a little bit of everything in the public relations industry. There is no doubt that Agnelo will stay in this industry, but she sees herself going into a more corporate setting, hopefully one where she can exercise her extensive knowledge and love of sports.

One of Agnelo’s favourite part of the industry is working with a wide variety of people. Agnelo stresses the importance of having strong interpersonal skills, but also how great it is to make connections with those around you. “Whether it’s designers, the people heading communications roles in our clients’ companies, or the other girls on the Brill team, I’m lucky to deal with really wonderful people on a daily basis.”

Like many other people who have just entered the working world, Agnelo knows how hard you have to work to get your voice heard, and to find a position that complements you as much as you complement it. Although she’s happy where she is now, Agnelo knows that one day she’ll be moving forward into a more senior position, but hopes to be working with the same kind of close-knit family that she’s been fortunate enough to be a part of at Brill. “I’m a strong believer that if you put in the work you’ll get where you want to go; I know it’s only a matter of time for me.”

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