Spa Day at Home!

Pamper yourself without leaving the house

By: Sabrina Medora

Everybody loves a trip to the spa, but what happens when you just don’t have the energy to leave the house? Sometimes a good book or movie and the house to yourself trumps being wrapped, poked and prodded by professionals.

Here’s what to do when you want to pamper yourself at home:

Face Mask: You can make your own natural face mask by blending a cup of plain yogurt, half an avocado, some honey, and a banana. Slice some cucumbers to cover your eyes with!

Foot Mask: We hate those pesky calluses and dry feet. Instead of just exfoliating with a foot scrubber, try softening your feet first with a homemade foot mask. Blend a cucumber, some lemon juice, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a few drops of olive oil together until completely smooth. Once you’ve left your feet coated for at least 20 minutes, scrubbing away the dead skin will be an easier experience for you and your feet!

Foot Scrub: Is the dead skin on your feet really persistent? If a simple mask won’t do, it’s time to up the ante and go for a foot scrub. Blend 5 tablespoons of brown sugar, a cup of finely ground oats, some honey, and a tablespoon (or two) of olive oil. Coat your feet in the mixture and then gently rub them together until you’re ready to scrub it off.

Rose Water: There’s nothing quite as soothing as some rose water for your face. You can buy it at a supermarket or make it yourself at home. Pack fresh rose petals tightly in a cup and pour boiling water over them. Let the petals sit until the water has cooled, then remove the petals and squeeze out any excess water. Place the water in the fridge. When you’re ready to use it, either fill a small spritzer bottle with the water or simply soak a face towel in it and place over your face for a cooling effect.

Sauna: Who doesn’t love a good steam? It’s great prepping for exfoliation and sweating out those toxins! Convert your bathroom into a sauna by turning your shower on to the hottest setting. Close all doors and windows, and let the bathroom steam up. Leaving the lights off, enter and relax in the dark.

Bubble Bath: After or instead of the sauna, sink into a warm bubble bath. If you wish, scatter your previously used rose petals in the water. Light some scented candles and bask in the quiet water.

Warm Lotion: After the face mask, foot scrubs and all that sweating, nothing seals the deal like some body lotion. To keep up the spa-like experience, we suggest placing your lotion bottle over your heat vents or a radiator while you’re in the shower. That way, the lotion will gently warm up. When you’re scrubbed and dry, moisturize yourself with the warm lotion, which will feel so much gentler on the skin and will absorb faster.

Try these relaxing treats the next time you’ve got a few hours to yourself and you’ll emerge feeling like a new woman!

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