It’s in the Box

Top Box, Glymm Box and Luxe Box – which do you choose?

By: Ashley Kowalewski

With the increasing popularity of these beauty sample boxes, and with a few different ones to choose from, which should you pick? Luxe Box by Loose Button, Top Box and Glymm Box all use similar brands, have comparable prices, and ship the same amount of samples each month.

The way they work: You pay $10-12 per month and receive 4 or 5 sample-sized beauty products the following month, shipped right to your home at no extra cost. Pretty sweet deal, right? And the best part is the brands that all of these boxes offer! With some of the bigger brands that you may not want to spend a lot of money on just to try the product and run the risk of not liking it, these boxes give you a taste and let you be the judge.

Luxe Box by Loose Button

Luxe Box: On the more expensive end of the spectrum, Luxe Box runs for $12 a month with free shipping and an easy cancellation process. What sets this one apart from the others is that the nail polishes that they send are not sample-sized, unlike some of the other beauty products they send. They offer a variety of 33 different brands, including Pur Minerals, Benefit, Nars and Moroccan Oil. Unfortunately, the popularity of this beauty box has caused the month-to-month payment option to be occasionally sold out, giving you the option of being waitlisted or subscribing for a longer period.

Top Box

Top Box: Another Canadian-based beauty box, Top Box offers the least amount of brands at 15, but sells for just $10 a month with free shipping. Some of the brands include Deborah Lippmann, Principessa Beauty and Lilly Pilly. Like the Luxe Box, the popularity of this box sometimes causes it to be sold out, and being waitlisted is the only option.

Glymm Box

Glymm Box: Working with 42 different brands, this Canadian-based beauty box is  $10 a month with free shipping and a no-worries cancellation policy. Some of the brands include Butter London, Cake, OPI and Yves Saint Laurent. Glymm Box has a loyalty program, giving you 10 points for every box you order, and 100 points get you a free box! Unlike some of the other boxes, Glymm Box also offers Glymm Man, which is great if you’ve got a product-conscious guy in your life.

Each of these boxes offers a nice little beauty surprise every month. They will generally include one product for each feature (skin, hair, nails, fragrance), and even though you can’t choose specific products or brands, you can update your profile to have products sent to you that cater to your complexion, hair colour and type, and eye colour.

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