The Office Cleanse

The best spring organizing tips for your workspace

By: Ashley Kowalewski

Spring is almost upon us, which means it’s time to purge and get things organized. While your idea of a morning at the office includes anything but cleaning, we have a few organization tips for your desk or office that will keep things neat and won’t take up too much of your time.

When it comes to organization, keep things simple; the less clutter in your life, the less stressed you will be. Since there isn’t always time to do a full-on purge, we have some tips to help keep things tidy and your stress level at a minimum.

If you don’t like piles all over the desk, try this letter tray, $9.99 from Ikea

Pile: while piles can be messy, sometimes they are a necessity. Having smaller piles of what needs to be taken care of can help get things done. If you’ve got an “immediate attention” pile, you know you have to take care of those things first, and your “miscellaneous” pile can wait until after lunch.

File: When you know that you no longer need a paper, immediately move it to its rightful home—the recycling bin—instead   of leaving it on your desk to get mixed in with the important ones. Chances are that if you really needed that paper, it will be easier to find if it’s in its respective folder—saving you time and stress.

Mark and separate: Do an email purge. If an email is really important but cannot be attended to at that moment, mark it as “unread” so you know to go back to it later. If you have junk mail from various stores and websites coming in throughout the day, have them sent to a different email account. That way they don’t clutter up your work inbox and you can get to the more pressing emails first. (Not that $20 for 10 yoga classes isn’t a pressing matter.)

Pile, file, mark and separate—four steps to unclutter your workspace, reduce stress and get your work done faster so you can head home sooner, which is the biggest payoff.

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  3. love the blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts


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