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Accessories to brighten up office attire

By: On Top

Who says you need to stay drab while at the office? Sure it never hurts to be on the demure side, especially when it comes to your clothing (avoid those low-cut blouses and thigh-high skirts!), but accessorizing is a good way to let a little personality and sparkle shine.

We’ve compiled a list of some classy but unique accessories to add to your work attire on a daily basis. Be bold, mix and match! The best part? It can all be found online! So get that credit card out and take a shopping trip on your next lunch break!

Brown leather belt from $118.00

A slim, conservative belt that can be added to almost any outfit. Pair it with bolder colours to make the ensemble more understated or add it to colours like a deep blue to bring out the colour.

18 K gold earrings from $190.00

These dangly earrings add some fun to the top half of your body, especially if you decide to pull back your hair in a no-mess ponytail.

Metal-applique belt from $108.00

This belt definitely adds pizzazz to an outfit in a sophisticated manner. The perfect accessory for a simple black dress or the likes. If you don’t pair it with other jewelry, it’s the perfect ‘centerpiece’ without being over-the-top.

Elsa Peretti sterling silver bean studs from $275.00

Ideal for everyday wear, these silver nuggets go with any outfit. Guaranteed.

Large rondell pendant necklace from $158.00

This is one of the more dramatic pieces. To be on the safe side, don’t wear this with dangly earrings or a strand of bracelets. Have this be the only piece you wear and pair it with a solid-colour outfit. You’ll be raking in compliments all day long!

Layered heart charm necklace from $190.00

A layered necklace always adds fun to an outfit. The heart charms are small enough that they accessorize without being flamboyant. While eye-catching, it would not be over-the-top for a day at the office (but still perfect for an evening out).

Precious long necklace from $290.00

A unique blend of charms, this necklace brings personality to your outfit. The blend of dark and light charms works well enough to make even a white button-down more chic!

Pearl bracelet from $350.00

Simple and classy. A must-have piece.

Elsa Peretti wave five-row bracelet from $910.00

A daring choice that stands out when paired with shorter sleeves but would still work with longer sleeves. Don’t hide that bracelet, let it shine!  Perhaps even wear it in lieu of your watch one day!

Paloma Picasso bead bracelet from $195

This bracelet is the adult-twist to those fun friendship bracelets we all wore as teenagers. Bring back a bit of the youth by slipping this on!

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