Get Organized

The best agenda to suit your needs

By Robin Kiatipis

Looking for the perfect planner can be quite stressful. All you want to do is find the perfect organizer so you can finally get your days in order. To fix this headache, we have selected a number of different options that will suit your needs perfectly – from daily, to weekly, to monthly planners.

Moleskine makes many beautiful products, including a set of twelve daily planners – one for each month. Each notebook is a different colour, with the month indicated on the front cover. These individual notebooks are light, which makes them easy to take with you in a small purse. Each day has a full page, which lets you map out your whole day, while still keeping the set-up simple. If you ever need to look back to check on something, the box set allows for practical storage of the previous months. Moleskine products can be bought from Indigo, or Amazon. Take a look at this set of planners at Moleskine.

For the shoe lover, this weekly planner by Workman Publishing is sleek and stylish, while still being very practical. The best part of this agenda? Each week has a different designer shoe in the bottom right hand corner – from classic pumps, to sandals and boots. It also includes a shoe time line, designer profiles, and a sizing chart. This weekly date book is not only functional, but also extremely fun. What shoe-obsessed woman wouldn’t love this? Go to Amazon to order it.

Not that into shoes? Workman also has this agenda in a cat or dog theme, as well as a writer’s calendar and “1,000 places to see before you die.”

If you are looking for more than just a daily organizer, this planner from More Time Mom is a perfect choice. With all of its extra perks, this organizer doesn’t just plan out your day, but every aspect of your life. Although the planner is marketed towards a mother, it is also perfect for any busy working woman. It has a notes section, month at a glance, monthly goals and budgets, and also a vacation planner. It is perfect for anyone with an extremely busy schedule. Take a closer look at the organizer at Amazon

This antique book calendar is simply a beautiful notebook. The cover is elegant, as well as the inside pages. Each week is outlined on the right hand page, with the opposite page open for space to write. It is perfect for creative minds who want to quickly jot down an inspiring idea. If you are looking for an agenda that simple while still keeping you organized, this one is perfect. You can purchase this calendar at Amazon.

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