Hangover Healer

Ideas for a quick, healthy breakfast the morning after the Super Bowl party. 

By: Ashley Kowalewski

The Giants won last night. It was a celebration for most of the people in the room. But now it’s Monday morning and you’re not feeling the greatest – and to make matters worse, you’ve overslept. Here are our top hangover healer foods and beverages for on the go, to get you feeling your best, while making sure no one at the office knows how much you really drank last night.

1. Water: Surely by now you know what alcohol does for your hydration levels, so drink up. The more water you drink, the faster you will rehydrate yourself, and the better you’ll feel—and your skin will love you for it too.

    If you have any Gatorade or ginger ale left over from last night’s party, they both work really well to hydrate and to restore the electrolytes you may have lost in that last quarter of the game.

2. Bananas: When you drink alcohol you lose potassium and magnesium, and bananas contain both. If you can’t seem to stomach solid food, try a fruit smoothie with bananas in it, which also helps to increase your lower blood sugar level.

Fruit smoothies help to increase blood sugar levels.

A quick and easy recipe:

  • 10 oz of clean strawberries
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 cup of ice cubes
  • ¾ cup of yogurt—blend and enjoy!

Eggs and toast provide much needed protein and carbohydrates.

3. Eggs and toast:This may be a more time-consuming breakfast, but it may be a more important option for busting the hangover symptoms. Eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid that helps to break down the acid that creates hangover symptoms. They are also a good source of protein and will give you energy to get through the day. Carbohydrates are also important for getting your energy back up to full-speed and helping to raise your reduced blood sugar levels.

Eggs are a healthy and beneficial option, and can also be picked up on the go. We love the reduced-fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich at Starbucks!

  •  If you don’t have time for toast, oatmeal (even instant) is a great substitute for your carbohydrates!

Though not the best beverage for re-hydration, if you need a cup of coffee, try to avoid using too much milk or getting a latte. While a little dairy is okay, too much could just make you sicker. What’s great is that a lot of coffee shops have healthy breakfast options, such as egg sandwiches and wraps, and even oatmeal, which is perfect for when you’re really running late.

Though these are all great to bust hangovers, they are also healthy everyday options. Who knows? Maybe your hangover-buster will be your new breakfast regimen.

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